Selling the stuff you no longer want can be easy, but has it been difficult for you to actually make that sale? Don’t fret, I’ll give you some tips on how you can land that sale. First, make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes that can stop a potential buyer from buying your item:

  1. No Images or Poor Quality Images

Not having a photo of your item that is for sale is the #1 reason why a buyer will not purchase your item. It is important that the buyer is seeing your actual item so they can know if they are interested in it or not. Just having a title and a description of your item does not provide the buyer with enough information about your item. It is VERY important to have a great quality photo(s) of your item so that the potential buyer can see exactly what it is and the condition that it is.

Did you know that if you are unable to take a photo of your item Paper Shop will do it for you?!

Yes, this is true!!! Just come to our office at 2 Glenmaura National Blvd, Moosic PA, 18507 and bring your item! We will snap a few pictures of your item and put up for sale on our site and in print publication if you would like.

  1. Pricing Your Item Incorrectly

Most of the time sellers often fail to set the correct price on their items. First, you have to compare prices of similar items that are being sold. If you price is marked higher than those similar items, you will be missing out on a sale. If you flexible on your price let buyers know that it is negotiable (neg.). If you are willing to listen to any offers, make sure you state: Or Best Offer (OBO) on your ad.

  1. Vague Descriptions

When writing a description of your product, make sure you are very thorough. Write all the specifics of the item such as the items size, condition, color, etc. The more information the buyer knows, the more interested they may be in your product.

If you avoid doing those three things that I just listed for you, you should be selling your item(s) in no time. Remember to stay patient, the right buyer will come along sometime soon!