Rummage Sales, Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, and Moving Sales – they all mean the same thing.  You have items you no longer need or want, but are too good to just trash. But did you know that they were around as early as the 16th century?  The first rummage sales were held at the docks.  Cargo or unclaimed freights would be put up for sale, as well as damaged or unwanted items.


Yard sales became more popular in the 1970’s and are still a huge part of our everyday life today.  From around May to late September, sometimes even October, if you drive around on weekends you’re sure to see a few sales going on.


Whichever word you prefer to use, rummage, garage, yard, they are still a great way to downsize your household, prepare for a move or even just to make a few dollars while getting rid of your unwanted items.


Paper Shop is like a year round Yard Sale that won’t be cancelled due to bad weather and you don’t have to plan one specific day, you schedule a time to meet that works for you.  Best of all it’s FREE!!!