Rent to own is a way to buy or sell a product over a certain given time, allowing the renter to be the owner of the product at the end of the agreement.

When there is a traditional purchase and sale, the seller and buyer complete the purchase immediately after agreeing to the terms. However, renting to own is a completely different process that might be beneficial to you.

A rent to own agreement allows the renter to have their dreams now and pay as they go, month to month. At the end of the rent to own agreement, the renter will officially become an owner of the product that they were previously renting.

Here are some perks of a rent to own program:

1. Save Money

Renting allows you to only pay a certain amount per month that you can actually afford instead of fishing in your pockets to pay for the full price upfront.

2. Save Yourself Multiple Trips

When it comes to outdoor structures, rent to own is the way to go. By renting the outdoor structure you no longer have to drive all the way across town to access your items in a storage unit, you can have your very own storage in your backyard!

3. It Is Yours 

Once you have completed your payments for the agreed amount of time, you will officially be the owner of the product!

4. Convenience 

An outdoor structure can be conveniently placed in your backyard where you will know exactly where your items are and also be able to keep an eye out on it. When they are stored away in a storage unit, you do not exactly know if they are safe.