Hello, fellow Paper Shopper!

I am going to tell you something that you may have not known before. If you have ever picked up a Paper Shop print publication at a store and read through it, you would have seen many local businesses advertised throughout our pages. We love to show our readers exactly what businesses are in the local community and remind them to always shop local! Supporting the businesses in your town is something we should always pride ourselves on. There is something else in our print publication that helps out local businesses and you as well. COUPONS for local restaurants!

If you pick up the latest publication of and turn to page 16, 18 and 19 you will see three different kinds of coupons.

One coupon features ‘That Guy with the Dough’ where you can get two 16″ pizzas for $16.99! Talk about a great deal!

Another coupon features $5.00 off an order of $20.00 at Stonewalls. That is a great deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Lastly, you will find a coupon for Dragons Brew where you can get $1.00 off a 16 oz. or larger hot, iced or blended coffee.

Pick up a Paper shop for yourself to see all the great deals!

If you own a restaurant and would like to place a coupon for FREE in our print publication email info@findnflip.com