We have some exciting news to tell you! Here at Paper Shop, we are always working on new functionality to give our users the best experience and most importantly we always want to keep our users safe. Buying and selling has changed over the years and will continue to do so. You no longer have to walk into a store, look for an item, purchase it, and walk out. There are so many ways to be a shopper with the new age of technology. You can browse for any item you are looking for, new or used, online quickly and easily! In addition, you can also score some great deals on items that are for sale. Same goes for selling an item. You can easily take a picture of your item and post it for sale on www.findnflip.com.  Keep in mind that when you buy and sell online you need to make sure the person you are selling to or buying from is legitimate. Paper Shop wants to make sure that when you receive an email from a potential buyer it is actually someone interested in your item. We issued a new functionality on findnflip.com which will block scammers from contacting our users via email only. As soon as our system is alerted of a potential scammer it will automatically block their account.

If you are unsure if someone is a scammer or not here are some pointers:

Scammers will very rarely call you. They will most likely only text or email you. 

If someone sends you a text message or an email and you think it is suspicious, have them call you and speak to them over the phone. If they make an excuse saying ‘they are hard of hearing’ or if they claim they are unable to speak for whatever reason then they are most likely a scammer.

Messages will appear in broken English.

This is an example of a message that a scammer may send to you: “Still for sale I wanna purchase it how much is the final asking price what is the payment methods send your reply with the picture to me”.
If you ever receive this message or something similar to it, then know that they are a scammer.

Sometimes they will not refer to the item your selling.

They will refer to the item you are selling as ‘it’.  Sometimes they may mention the item you are selling but very rarely.

They will never come to see your item.

Scammers do not want to reveal their identity and will not come to see your item in person. They will create excuses saying that they are out of state for a family emergency or they just recently moved out of state.

They will only offer to pay with a cashier’s check or PayPal. 

Since the scammer will not come and see your item they will offer to pay you in cashier’s check (sometimes they say PayPal). When you receive that check it will be for an amount way over what you were asking. For example, if the item you are selling is priced at $100, they will send a check for $1,000. Once you receive the check they will say that they accidentally issued the wrong amount on the check. They will then ask you to cash the check and send them back the remaining balance.

They say that they will send a mover to pick up your item.

Scammers will say they have a moving or shipping company or a mover that will come pick up the item after you cash their faulty check. DO NOT sell your item without having the buyer come and see it first.

They will ask you to send photos to them even when your ad has photos already.

Scammers tend to send a generic message to all people. They will sometimes ask for you to send a photo to them when you already have photos attached to your online ad.

Their names are often unusual. 

You can tell at times when someone is a scammer just based on their names such as Damzkoko, Dankurt, Vernon, Longhenry and even Zebraitis.

If you are every unsure if someone that is contacting you is a scammer please ask us! Forward the email that you received to info@findnflip.com and ask us to check. You can also give us a call at 800-537-9377 and we will answer your questions as well.