Moving in with your significant other can be full of excitement. Yes, this is a big step but Paper Shop is here to help you out through this process. You may be asking to yourself, why do I need help from Paper Shop. Well, if you haven’t thought about it yet you are going to now. When you move in together you are going to end up having two of basically everything. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s true. This is where Paper Shop is stepping in to say the day!

You are not going to need two sets of dining room tables, two coffee tables, two sets of bedroom furniture and more. There are some instances that you might but not all the time. If you still haven’t figured out why Paper Shop is your solution here it is: SELL YOUR STUFF, GET MONEY!

  • Get rid of old stuff

Talk with each other and take an inventory of all the things that you have combined. Make a list of things to keep and then sell the other stuff on Paper Shop. Although some of your items may have sentimental value to you, you will feel better once you know it is getting a second life in a new home.

  • Match your styles

One big hurdle that you will encounter is combining both of your styles to one. However, it is possible! Speak with each other to see what kind of look and feel you both would like in your new place. Once this is decided, take a look at everything in your inventory list and start matching things together. Get rid of the items that do not fit with your new style.

  • Make some money

This whole process is very thrilling in the end because who doesn’t like making money! Your items are going to go to new homes and you are going to be filling your pocket with cash!

Enjoy your moments together and good luck with the move!