MMI selects “Best of the Best” winner for the spring term


(Freeland, PA – May 29, 2019) – Junior Emily Ankiewicz was selected as MMI Preparatory School’s “Best of the Best” for the 2018-2019 spring term for her presentation entitled “Is Your Phone Controlling You?” which she delivered during an all-school assembly.

As part of the biannual competition, freshmen and juniors delivered presentations during the spring semester, while sophomores and seniors gave presentations in the fall semester.

Junior Benjamin Putnam (“Dr. Strange – Science & Magic”), junior Andrellie Puntiel (“The Modern Diary”), freshman Connor Spencer (“Telomeres”), and freshman Jayden Bonham (“The Illusion of Musical Success”) also delivered presentations.

The “Best of the Best” assembly program, which is part of the MMI curriculum, is designed to help students improve and enhance their communication skills, which are important as they progress through high school, college, and beyond. The best student performances are presented twice a year to a joint assembly of both upper school and middle school students. MMI faculty members grade the presentations to determine the “Best of the Best.”

Emily Ankiewicz is the daughter of Carl and Gwendolyn Ankiewicz of Mountaintop, Benjamin Putnam is the son of Benjamin and Andrea Putnam of Sugarloaf, Andrellie Puntiel is the daughter of Jose and Yesenia Rivera of Hazleton and Pedro Puntiel of Monroe, Connor Spencer is the son of Christopher and Christina Spencer of Mountaintop, and Jayden Bonham is the son of William and Melissa Bonham of Sugarloaf.