Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the U.S. dedicated to remembering the people who died while serving to protect this country. To honor all these soldiers we have a day full of parades, food, fireworks, and gatherings with friends and family.  Memorial Day is also known as the unofficial start of summer which means a lot of people go to the beach, have cookouts and host parties. If you are planning on celebrating with family and friends by hosting a cookout here are some pointers from the Paper Shop team!

  1. Check the weather. -Betty

It is important to know what the weather is going to be like on the day you host your party. If it is going to rain are you going to have it indoors or cancel? If you choose to have it indoors make sure you have enough seating and an area where your guests can grab food buffet style.


  1. Make sure you have enough food and drinks. -Sharon

There is nothing worse than running out of things to eat and drink. You do not want to have grumpy guests that’s for sure!


  1. Have lots of ice for all your beverages. –Matt

You don’t want your drinks going warm. Keep a few coolers filled with ice and have the drinks placed inside them to ensure that they stay cold.


  1. Have enough sides to compliment your main course. –Melanie
    It is always great to have side dishes like chips, cheese and crackers, macaroni and potato salad.


  1. Have enough condiments. –Melanie

Make sure that you have ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, sauerkraut for all your guests. Everyone has a favorite condiment and you want to make sure you have it for them.


  1. Plan simple dishes that you can make in advance. – Stacy

You can always get your ground beef and form them into patties the day before. You can make all your salads the day before as well. Also, make sure to have your deserts done in advance so that you don’t have to stress about the day of.


  1. Don’t burn the burgers. –Bonnie

This is some great advice! You don’t want crispy burgers. If you aren’t familiar with working the grill, have someone take the ‘Grill Chef’ position for the day.


  1. Have fun activities for the kids. –Sharon

If you have children at the party make sure you have things around to keep them entertained. Kim says that having water balloons for them to throw around is a great way to keep them occupied. Just make sure you have a ‘water balloon’ area so that no one accidentally gets pelted by one while eating.


  1. Don’t forget the citronella. –Sharon

Bug bites are terrible. You don’t want your guests getting eaten alive and complaining about it. Do yourself a favor and get those citronella candles.


  1. Don’t forget the sparklers! –Courtney

This is another fun activity for the kids and really for anyone. Who doesn’t like sparklers!


  1. Go to someone else’s. Why mess up your house? –Kim

If you aren’t cut out for hosting a party then you are better off just going to someone else’s house for a get-together.


  1. S’mores is always a fun way to end the night –Courtney

Yum, s’mores! Having this classic dessert is fun for everyone to do. Plus, it’s delicious!


  1. Don’t have too much fun since it’s a school night. –Courtney

This advice is for the adults. Keep in mind that your kids have to go to school the next day and you have to go to work. End the party a little early so that everyone has enough time to wind down.


  1. Don’t overthink the day. Enjoy your time with your friends and family. –Stacy

Keep these pointers in your back pocket and good luck with your party this weeken!