There are only 11 days left until Christmas is finally here! Some of you may have completed your Christmas shopping while others aren’t even close to being finished. We are here to help by providing a list of 15 last minute Christmas present ideas.



If you have an antique collector in your life this Vintage Travel Bar is the perfect gift to give! It is a one-of-a-kind gift that is only $25!












Get a Panini Grill for the chef in your life. This panini grill is only $15 and could make some delicious paninis!









Auto Parts

A perfect gift for that biker is a Bike Rack! This bike rack is $65 and can carry 4 bikes and it can also be adjusted for different cars.











Baby & Kids

There is this Spiderman Mega Blaster Webshooter for sale that could put a smile on any kid’s face! Guess is only $20!











Clothing & Accessories

Purchase this brand new pair of Men’s Nautica brand boots and give it as a gift to someone asking for a new shoes!







Computers & Electronics

Buy this $95 SONY DSLR Camera and give it as a gift for the photographer you know. It also works as a great gift for someone who would like to begin their photography career!









Home & Office

This 5-piece Pyrex food carrier can be the gift you give in your upcoming grab bag! It is priced at $29.









Hunting & Fishing

Get this $55 tree stand for the hunter on your list.











Lawn & Outdoors

It may be winter but buying a 3 piece grill tool set and gifting it to the grilling master is never a bad idea. Can you believe that it is only $20 and it is brand new!











Machinery & Tools

We all have some handy in our life that is always looking for new tools. Why not give them a brand new, never used, Rockwell Portable Table Saw?! It is only $45!












Give this $50 Harley Davidson Half Helmet as a present for that Harley Davidson lover.








If you have $100 you could get these never used, new in box, Bose loudspeakers! Give it as a gift for someone dying for a home sound system.











Pets & Animals

Pet lover gift idea, free kittens! **Please remember when you get a pet it is a commitment for it’s entire lifespan!**











RV & Camping

There are 2 camping backpacks with frames for sale for $60 that could be perfect for hiking! One for you and one for them!









Sports & Exercise

Do you know someone that likes to ice skate but doesn’t own a pair of skates? Here is a pair you can purchase today for only $20!