Did you just recently graduate college? If you answered yes, you have either made the decision to move back home with your parents, or you are moving into your own apartment. Whatever the answer is, just remember that this is an exciting time that will be filled with life changes and opportunities.

Since you have now moved on to living the post-grad life, we know that you have A LOT of stuff that you need to get rid. All of those items that you were originally storing in your dorm room will no longer serve a need to you.  It is time to part with that desk, bean bag chair, door-hanging mirror, and that mini fridge which has treated you well over the last four years or more.

However, before you place those items on the curb think about the value each one of those items actually have! They once were useful to you which means that they have potential to be useful for somebody else. Those items also had a hefty price tag when you first bought them which means it is your turn to score some cash when you sell them.

There are so many people out there searching for that perfectly good futon, that twin sized foam mattress topper and even those small cute wall decorations. Not only will they get that specific item they are looking for, but you will be able to make some money from it as well. It now seems that your original plan to throw these items in the trash was not the best idea.

Overall, selling those dorm items will help you part with the college-life lifestyle and allow you to grow to a great young professional. You will also earn some quick cash which can help you towards the expenses of your new furniture.

Sell your dorm items with Paper Shop to give them a second life and to also put some money in your pocket because you will need it, trust us!