Follow these few steps to upload a YouTube video to your listing.

After you upload a picture to your ad you will see the option to add a YouTube video to your listing.

You will see a button that says ‘Add YouTube URL’.


Once you click on that button, you will have the ability to paste the YouTube URL into the box.

The next thing that you have to do is go onto to find your video.

Once you have found the video that you want to upload locate the URL at the top of your screen.

Highlight this URL and copy it.

Go back to the Paper Shop’s website and paste that URL in the box.

After you have completed these steps and clicked on the ‘Create Listing’ button at the bottom your video will be attached to your listing.

Once your ad has been approved, it will look this on Paper Shop’s website.

Your video will appear on the bottom of the listing.

Click on that box in order to watch the video.


Note: Be sure to add a photo to your ad because pictures are what catches the attention of a buyer first!

If you are experiencing any complications on uploading a video please feel free to call us at 1-800-537-9377 and we will gladly help you!