Have you been trying to find yourself a dog that will be a lifelong friend? One that you can come home to so you can play, cuddle, and even talk about your long day at work? Trying to find your perfect match can be a difficult process with a lot of steps. However, preparing yourself and knowing which dog breed best suits you and your lifestyle will make choosing a little easier.

Here are a few tips on how you can choose the right dog:

  1. Keep in mind that dogs take up a lot of time and energy. If you are working over 16 hours per day, getting a dog might not be the best fit for you. Maybe a cat might fit your lifestyle better.
  2. The dog you choose should be able to live comfortably in your living arrangement. If you want a large dog but live in a smaller apartment problems may occur. Naturally, large dogs need larger places to roam around so that they do not develop health issues, get bored, or destroy things in your home.
  3. If your heart is set on a large dog but you live in a small place, make sure the dog gets a lot of activity. Try taking the dog on four 30 minute walks so that he/she can get some exercise. Take your dog a few times a week to the dog park for about 45 minutes so that they can release some energy and make dog friends!
  4. Every dog breed has a certain personality. It is important to know more about the breed of a dog before you decide on it. The breed of the dog needs to suit your lifestyle so that both of you can live long happy lives. If you are looking for a more relaxed dog, picking a Boxer, for example, might not be the best choice.
  5. Make sure you do research on what kind of diet the dog should be on, what health issues may arise in the future, how often the dog needs to be groomed, what the average weight of the dog is, their barking level, and energy level.

These are the necessary steps that need to be made to find your next best friend. Overall, having a dog can be very rewarding and fill your life up with happiness so make sure you pick a dog that will best fulfill this.

The Paper Shop is sure to have the exact breed of dog that you are looking for.  Here is a list of dog breeds that are currently available:

White German Shepherd
Mini Pinscher
Irish Setter
English Bulldog
Golden Retriever
Doberman Pinscher
Yellow Lab
St. Bernard
African Boerboel Mastiff
Basset Hound
Toy Red Poodle
Springer Spaniel
German Shepherd
Siberian Husky
English Pointer
Great Dane
German Shorthaired Pointer
Miniature Australian Shepherd
Pug/ Shih Tzu
Border Collie
Black Labrador Retriever