Traveling can be lots of fun if you do it right.  Some prefer the road trip over the final destination. Some prefer the destination over the road trip. Whichever you prefer, do it right, do it smart, and make it a vacation, not a nightmare.

Think about things you may be doing on the trip:

Will you be driving?  Make sure your vehicle is serviced a few days before leaving.  Check oil, tire pressure, coolants etc.

Will you stop someplace on a whim?  If so, you may want to pack extra clothing for such an event.

Are you sticking to an itinerary?  Make a list of the places you definitely want to see and pack accordingly.

Will you be flying? Make sure you check the rules of the airline.  What can you carry on? What weight does the suitcase need to be under? How early do you need to be there? You don’t want to get hung up at the gate.

Are you traveling with children?  We all know children need to be kept entertained.  They do not do well sitting idle.  Make sure you have some sort of entertainment for them to keep them occupied.  License plate bingo or having them locate different scenic items can keep them occupied.  A portable DVD player or handheld video gaming system (with headphones – so they don’t annoy Mom and Dad) is a good idea as well.  They can watch their videos or play their games to keep them occupied.

Have you considered purchasing an RV for your road trip?  RV’s can be the right choice especially if you love to travel and plan on doing a lot. The initial cost of an RV could easily be covered by not having to utilize a hotel every night.

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