We know that Halloween just ended, but, it’s November and whether you like it or not, the holiday season is here. Do you realize that in a little as 3 weeks it’s going to be Black Friday?! Maybe you’re like me and still haven’t even thought about the idea of buying presents for everyone on your list, and that’s ok!

If you are waiting for Black Friday to do all the shopping good luck to you! What if I told you that you can make some extra cash for all the shopping you are going to be doing?

There is no better time than now to clean the house out and make room for all the new items you might be receiving as presents (or buying for yourself). Be smart, sell all those items you are going to get rid of on Paper Shop! This way you can receive some extra cash since you are going to be spending a lot of it in the next month and a half.

Maybe you aren’t a big fan of going to the stores or online shopping for those friends and family on your gift list. Paper Shop is meant for you! Sit back in your warm house and browse through the site to find all the presents you are looking for. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of getting out of bed and hitting those packed stores, you will also be saving yourself some money! (Best of both worlds, am I right?)

Now that you’re all set for your holiday shopping, here is a list of popular Christmas items to buy off of Paper Shop for everyone on your gift list.

  1. Tools

Perfect for that handy person in your life.

  1. Flat Screen TV

Who doesn’t like getting one of those?!

  1. A Puppy or Cat

There are so many pups and kitties up for sale on our site. Giving this as a present is a real tear-jerker.

  1. Exercise Equipment

It can be used to work off all those holiday cookies that will be consumed.

  1. New Furniture

Furniture can be the perfect present for that person who is looking for a fresh start.