It is the last day of Summer, can you believe it?! Most of you already considered it the Fall season but it technically begins tomorrow, September 22nd. Some of the trees are already starting to change color, the air is already cool and crisp, pumpkin spice is back, and the stores are packed with Fall and Halloween decor.

Fall is such a beautiful season (I wish it lasted longer). The only downfall (pun intended) of the Fall season is that your yard starts to become a mess, your gutters are full of leaves, the grass starts to die, and so much more. Basically what this means is that yard cleanup list is long. It is important to clean up your yard and prepare it for next year. Follow our Fall yard cleanup checklist:


Make sure that you are raking up all the leaves that fall because if you don’t you are suffocating your grass. Also, if you aren’t raking up leaves, weeds, and branches before winter you are providing the perfect haven for mice and groundhogs.

2. Mow one last time

Give your lawn a close buzz right before winter sets in. You can do this by setting your mower to a low setting. This will help the soil dry out more quickly once Spring comes around which results to a lusher lawn.

3. Mulch

Apply mulch to your plants, shrubs, and trees. This mulch will act as a warm, insulating blanket for your plant’s roots during the winter. It will also prevent soil erosion once winter snow thaws.

4. Clean your gutters

Don’t forget to clear those fallen branches and leaves from your rain gutters. Double check for proper drainage and clear out any blockages with a trowel.

5. Trim branches

This is the perfect time to trim any large or out-of-place tree branches that could potentially cause trouble in the Winter. The last thing you want is a branch breaking off and falling during a snowfall.

6. Dry out everything

Drain all the water from your hoses, fountains and drip irrigation systems. Make sure to store in a dry place. If there is any water left standing in the Winter season it can damage your equipment.

7. Fertilize

Add some lawn fertilizer with a high phosphorus content to encourage root growth.

8. Clean tools and store

You were gardening all Summer long and your tools are probably dirty. Don’t just throw them into your shed and forget about them. Give your tools a good cleaning and apply a light coat of oil on them so that they don’t rust in the cold season.

Good luck cleaning up and happy Fall everyone!