When fall is on its way, so many of us dread the thought of the coming colder weather. The first cold breeze sends a shudder down the spine of summer lovers, and they immediately start stocking up on blankets and movies for hibernation until spring, only to come out for the family visit to the pumpkin patch. I’ll admit, I enjoy cuddling up on my couch just as much as the next person, But there are so many activities we can do outdoors during autumn, before winter weather becomes unbearable, and we’re forced indoors. And is the fall really that cold anyway?

During the fall months, the days are still pretty warm. Especially in the month of September. Obviously, as we get closer to December, a jacket becomes an everyday item. But the occasional, uncharacteristically warm day still pops up at least until late November. That being the case, we can definitely get a lot of use out of those days.  Let’s refresh our memory on some of those activities, that I’m sure everyone’s experienced at least once in their childhood. Who knows, fall might become one of our favorite times of the year!

  1. Outdoor Movies:

Outdoor movie screenings usually start at the beginning of summer. But what many may not know, is that a lot of locations don’t stop showing films until November. That’s most of autumn, that can be spent watching a good movie with the family and breathing fresh air, and can also be done from the safety of a car.

  1. Biking:

Biking is a great form of exercise in general, but biking through the fall landscape can do wonders for one’s mood. Even if it’s windy or chilly out, after a few minutes the exertion will warm everyone up.

  1. Pumpkin Carving:

Remember the days of carving pumpkins and how much fun that was.  Whether you prefer carving or painting pumpkins, what a great way to spend time with family and friends plus add decoration to your home!

  1. Leaf Collecting:

During a season when the days are getting shorter and the layers of clothing are getting thicker, children spend less time outside. A pile of freshly raked leaves can be a clever way to entice children to get some fresh air, burn off some energy and get physical activity.

  1. Make a Bonfire and S’mores:

Whether camping in the great outdoors, or just hanging in the backyard, a bonfire is the answer to all our chill-related woes about fall. Enjoy the open sky while staying toasty by the fire, and roasting marshmallows on a stick and making a s’more sandwich.

  1. Visit a Farmers Market:

Farmers Markets stimulate the local economies, increase access to fresh, nutritious food, preserve America’s rural livelihood and farmland.


One final note…

“You don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness –

Its right in front of you if you are paying attention”