We are sadly half way through summer, but there is still plenty of days left for you to throw that pool party! If this is your first time throwing a pool party, don’t worry, you got this. Do not overthink it, and don’t stress out that no one is going to enjoy themselves because that is just not true. It is always a good time when you are able to mingle amongst your friends and family, eat delicious food, have a few drinks, listen to some music, take a dip in the pool, or even lay out in the sun.

Just like any party, there are certain things that should be done and others that should be avoided at all costs.

Here are the Dos and the Don’ts of throwing a pool party


  1. Do have games to play
    • Have games set up so that your guests have something to do. Games such as volleyball or water basketball are very easy games to have. One hilarious thing to encourage your guests to do is a belly flop contest! This is sure to have your guests laughing (and bellies stinging). Make sure your guests don’t do this directly after they have eaten, that is not a sight that you want to see or clean.
  2. Do provide sunscreen
    • Most of the time guests will not bring their own sunscreen. Protection from the sun is important and the main reason you should set up an area dedicated to sunscreen. You can place the sunscreen on a table and decorate it to make it look fun and match your theme.
  3. Do have drinks to give
    • Provide your guests with cold refreshing drinks ranging from water, iced tea, Gatorade, beer, margaritas, or even sangria. A variety of drinks will be sure to satisfy everyone.
  4. Do have sweet treats to offer
    • Fruit is always the best way to go for something sweet. But, since it is the summer and this is a party, reserve an area so that your guests can make their own sundaes! Ice cream is proven to make almost everybody happy
  5. Do have pool floats
    • When games are not being played in the pool, some people may want to just float around. Provide enough pool floats so that people can pick which one they like the best.


  1. Don’t plan your party on a weekday
    • Make sure that you choose a weekend to throw your pool party because this allows for those who work during the week to be able to attend the party. A weekend party also gives you the opportunity to start the party earlier in the day and it can last all night long (if you want it to). However, if you are considering doing an evening pool party, a weekday may work.
  1. Don’t hold back on on the décor
    • In order to have a great party, you have to provide the correct atmosphere. If you decide to have a certain theme (which you most definitely should have a theme) decorate according to your theme. Maybe your theme is Hawaiian: you can decorate with tiki torch candles, palm trees, grass table skirts, floral luau garland and much more. Be creative!
  2. Don’t forget about the shade
    • It is very important to have shaded areas so that your guests can sit or stand under. There is nothing worse than being hot and needing to get out of the sun but have nowhere to escape to. Providing shade also eliminates the excess of people walking in and out of your home to avoid the sun.
  3. Don’t serve heavy food
    • When everyone is gathered around for a pool party, it is best to serve light food. Most of your guests will be wearing their swimsuits and there is nothing worse than having them feel uncomfortable because they are overstuffed with heavy foods. (However, if you do serve light foods and they become way too full, it is no longer your fault!)
  4. Don’t forget to make a rain date
    • Since we can’t tell what Mother Nature has in store at all times, it is important to make a rain date for your pool party. It is really upsetting when you have everything planned out and ready to go but the skies open up. But, if you schedule a rain date, all your hard work won’t be for nothing.


You are now ready for your upcoming pool party! Go out there and throw the best pool party ever!