Attention parents! It is that time of the year where your little baby is off to college. I understand that watching them leave the comfort of home to move into their dorm room can be a very hard/sad time. However, they are going to be just fine! Your, not so little, son/daughter is going to be “independent” for the first time ever! (Don’t worry, they’ll be calling you up whenever they need something). Before you let your child go, make sure that they have exactly what they need for the dorm life.

Get all the dorm room necessities for less by using the Paper Shop!

  • Mini refrigerator – There are some dorm-sized compact refrigerators listed for only $35 and for $60! This is a great price compared to the retail price. There is also this awesome Coca cola refrigerator for only $5.00!
  • Television – Get a TV for only $10-$85. From 19” up to 32” there is a wide range of televisions that you can pick from.
  • Futon – This is one of the best pieces of furniture that your college kid could possibly have. It is extremely versatile and a must need. (Even though they might end up throwing their clothes all over it). Get one at a low price of $75!
  • Coffee maker – The most vital item to any dorm room is a coffee maker! There is no way that they will be able to stay awake during those early 8am classes without brewing up a fresh cup of coffee. Easy fix. Get them a single cup Keurig for only $55!
  • Microwave – Guaranteed that the microwave you get them will be used at least once a day. There are going to be many times that they will make Easy-mac and cup noodles when they are too lazy to walk to the cafeteria (trust me on this one). There are some listed as low as $30 on Paper Shop.

This all should cost you a low price of around $250!