Sweet Fall is finally upon us. After the weeks of extremely warm temperature, we are all more than ready for the cooler Fall weather! Now it is time to spice up your home decorations with some DIY projects from Pinterest.

The following projects are all based around straw (no not the straws you use for drinking). These crafts are easy to do and fun to make!

First, you are going to need some straw. Buy some off Paper Shop here.


Straw Bales with Polka Dot Pumpkins

  • This craft is as easy as it looks! You will need 3 straw bales, two plastic (or real) pumpkins, white and orange paint, and 5inch thick orange ribbon. Take two straw bales and lay them next to each. Get your ribbon and tie it around both with a bow in the front. Place the third bales on top of the two bottom bales and wrap the ribbon around that one too. Take one pumpkin and paint it completely white. While your pumpkin is drying, grab your second pumpkin and paint white polka dots all over it. Once your white pumpkin is dried, paint on orange polka dots. Place the white pumpkin on the single straw bale and place the other pumpkin on the two bottom straw bales. Just like that, you’re finished!

Straw Wreaths with Flowers

  • You are going to have a little patience to complete this project, but you can do it! Take some straw and start taping it together to form this ‘O’ shape. Once you get through that stage, the rest is easy. Take your faux flowers and cut the stems down enough that you are able to poke it through the straw without having it pop out the backside. Keep placing your flowers into the straw wreath until it is completely covered. Now hang it on your door and let the compliments start rolling in.

Straw Loveseat

  • This craft does not require too much skill. You may need around 15 bales of straw (it depends on the size of your bales). All you really have to do is arrange the bales together to form this cute Fall seating. You may need four bales for each armrest. Lay the first two down and pile the other two on top, you now have one armrest! Lay two straw bales down to be your seat. Create the other armrest on the other side using 4 more bales. Take two more straw bales to create the back of the seat. Once they have all been arranged, start decorating it! Lay a blanket down to make it cozy to sit on. Place some pillows on there and put some flowers on either side. You now have this amazing rustic Fall lounger that’ll make everyone jealous.