Christmas seems to be approaching fast! Every street you turn down you’ll see houses lit, lawns covered in Christmas décor, and trees shining bright displayed perfectly in front windows.

This time of year is VERY hectic. There is constant running around buying those last minute presents, trying to finalize your holiday plans, and spending more money than you probably should. Maybe throughout this whole madness, you didn’t have the opportunity to decorate your home yet. Good thing there is still so much time left!

Did you know that you don’t have to go out to the store and spend hundreds of dollars on these Christmas/holiday decorations? Well, it’s true! Paper Shop has everything you need.

Are you too lazy to go up into the attic or down to the basement to retrieve your Christmas tree? Are you dreading going to the tree farm to cut your own down? Or maybe you don’t have a tree at all.
Paper Shop has you covered!
Not only are their multiple Christmas trees you can choose from, they also don’t carry that retail price tag (Yay to saving money!).

Now that you have your tree, you can’t forget about the tree stand to make sure that it doesn’t fall!

Get yourself some lights while you are at it to make sure that you have it nice and bright.

Don’t forget about the ornaments!

You should now have a fully decorated tree at half the price you would have spent at the store.

You can’t stop there though! There are so many different areas of your house that need decorating, such as your front lawn. Show all your neighbors how much holiday cheer you have.

Get yourself some netting lights to throw over your bushes. There are tons of string lights that you can buy to hang on your house. Get a pre-lit wreath to hang on your door, and to tie it all together, get some light up decorations to put on your lawn.

Congrats, you are officially ready for Christmas!