Before the Internet, if you wanted to buy or sell items where did you turn?


Oh, maybe you tried a garage sale or flea market, but most people turned to the Paper Shop which provided a safe resource for all your needs.

Although we have been connecting buyers and sellers together way before the internet (actually for over 53 years), our platform and local connection keeps growing. Plus, our proven track record and reputation speaks for itself.


What sets us apart?  Paper Shop | FindnFlip offers:

  1. Customer Service.

Remember when you had a question or problem you could “talk” to someone?  No, not an online chat or email message, I mean a “live” person who could help you.  Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 4:00 we are available if you need us.

  1. Multiple Platforms for added exposure.

From our website to our print publication or now our mobile app, we reach a wide audience based on our customers favorite platform.

  1. One Stop source offering categories for all your needs.

With 26 categories to choose from, Buy & Sell everything with us.

  1. Experienced Staff.

Our loyal staff has been together for years.  Yes, you may even know us by name.  Need a picture taken of your item, stop by and see us we can take it for you.  Yes, we are local!  Need help uploading a photo, give us a call, we can assist.

  1. Social Media presence.

Utilizing Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, sharing many of your listings with our followers is just another way we continue our goal of connecting buyers & sellers together!


Today, many sites exist that claim to “specialize” in niche markets but why waste time using multiple platforms when Paper Shop | FindnFlip can meet all your needs.