Garage/yard sale season is in full swing.

Everywhere you look you’ll see signs to follow that will lead you to a specific garage/yard sale. Sometimes you’ll decide to check one out to see what bargains you can find. Once you arrive, you’ll see items laying all over which can become slightly overwhelming at times. As you begin your search, you might come across something that you like, however, most of the time you won’t. So you begin to walk back towards your car empty-handed, but you instantly feel bad for not purchasing something. At this point, you might pick up something small and buy it just so you can get rid of that feeling of guilt. Now, you have this new item that 1. you did not want, 2. you do not need and 3. you lost some money on.

There is a simple fix to this whole situation which could have saved you that time and cash you spent. Let’s rewind all the way back to the beginning.

Let us start with the person holding the garage/yard sale. They could have easily avoided all of the hard work it took to prepare for this day. Instead of stocking up on all the items they wanted to sell for this one specific day, they could have taken pictures of all of it and put it up for sale on Paper Shop. This is a much simpler process because they could have gotten their items sold faster and easier. Also, by selling their items through Paper Shop the concern of not having everything sold in one day is now gone, and they no longer have to lug all the items back in the house once the garage/yard sale is over.

Now let’s fast forward and assume the person of the garage/yard sale did not sell their stuff on Paper Shop.

You could have easily avoided making a purchase you did not want to make. This could have been done by not attending the garage/yard sale but instead, browsing through Paper Shop’s website or mobile app which is an evergreen garage/yard sale. By doing this you can find items that you want and no longer have the guilty feeling of not purchasing something. On top of it all, you will still be finding a great bargain.