There is no mistaking the signs. The days are getting darker, the leaves have turned from green to gold, red and brown, and cooling temperatures have heralded the opening of coat and boot season.

A few tips to help you save!

  1. Prepare your house for the winter.
  • Consider switching to wood or pellet stoves
  • Check for air leaks and get them sealed
  • Drop the thermostat 1-2 degrees
  • Let the sun light in during the day
  • Shut the doors in unused rooms


  1. Look for deals at your Grocery Store.
  • Check the weekly flyer for sales and plan accordingly
  • Create a list to avoid impulse buying
  • Be creative with the leftovers…maybe get another meal out of them!
  • Use a loyalty card to earn rewards.


  1. Review you monthly spending.
  • Check your cable bill. Are you really watching every station?
  • Shop cell phone plans. Switching carriers may provide a savings.
  • Review your insurance coverage & premium. Get another quote!


As the holidays approach, money savings tips are on everyone’s mind.


Don’t forget to check your home for any unwanted items.  Selling those items can also add a few extra bucks to your pocket.