If you love to shop, find the best bargains, and save the environment, then second-hand shopping is perfect for you! When you second-hand shop you are reusing those items that would have probably been sent to a landfill.

Second-hand shopping can make a big difference on the environment and your wallet. Here are a few reasons why you should second-hand shop:

  1. It is affordable

On average the products that are being resold are about 50% cheaper than the original retail price.  This way you are saving money on those items and giving that item a new life!

  1. You get excited when you find an item

Maybe you have been looking for an item for quite some time but are unable to find it, or maybe you are just shopping around. It feels so good when you come across that one item and you know it is a great bargain!

  1. You know what quality is

Since these items already had some use, you know exactly which things are durable and are worthwhile

  1. Money stays within the community

Did you know that Paper Shop is in 26 local counties? When you buy and sell on the Paper Shop your money gets to stay within the community and you help out local businesses!

  1. It helps the environment

I know that I already mentioned it but, it is so important! Here at Paper Shop, we have the recycling icon in our own logo because by shopping and selling with us you are keeping items out of the landfill with the art of recycling. It also cuts down on manufacturing demands since you are buying used goods.

  1. New merchandise

Paper Shop constantly has people creating new listings for their great items! There are over 20,000 ads on our website and we get around 700 new ads a week!

Since I already know that you love to shop. Why don’t you do it in a way that’ll save you money, give you a thrill, and help your community and environment?

Good luck second-handing shopping!