Don’t let your money just blow away!  You have worked hard for it so start saving more with these money savings tips.

  1. Insurance Savings:

Shop your insurance policies annually and consider combining them or increasing deductibles for additional savings.  Just because you have been with the same carrier for years doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal.  It’s free to shop around so why not try and save?  Cummings Insurance represents multiple carriers and can search the best rates for all your insurance needs.

  1. Utility Savings:

Consider washing your clothes in cold water and adjust the thermostat a degree or two. Consider changing your heat to wood, pellet or coal.  Woody’s Fireplace and Stolz Stove Sales can answer all your questions. Simple steps can really add up.  Don’t forget to review your cable/satellite bill.  Are you under contract?  What new promotions or packages are currently available that you can take advantage of?  It doesn’t hurt to ask!

  1. Grow your money:

Have a savings account but the interest rate is low?  Online savings with an FNCB simply better rate.  Don’t forget to check your current interest rates on mortgages, car loans and credit cards. Does it make financial sense to refinance?  Check out the great rates currently offered at FNCB Bank.

  1. Start Selling!

Look around the house.  Is there stuff piled in the basement and garage that you haven’t used in months or years.  Turn that stuff into CASH!  Start selling your unwanted items at or download our APP and really watch your money grow.  With no commission fees when your items sell, that’s even more money in your pocket!

  1. Go Thrifting!

Gently used items are always a great way to save.  From that fishing pole for the kids or that camper you’ve been dreaming of, find all the great deals at or download our APP.