Now that spring is finally here we can enjoy the warm weather, spend time outside, and take in some sunlight! It is also time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Most people hate the idea of spring cleaning because it involves serious decluttering, reorganizing, scrubbing, dusting, and throwing things out. However, spring cleaning can actually be very beneficial to your well-being and health. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up that broom, get rid of those old clothes, and even clean those baseboards.

Cleaning is healthy

At this time of the year, allergy symptoms will start kicking in. However, a good spring cleaning can help you avoid those allergy symptoms. The reason for this is because you are removing the allergens that are in your home. Once they are removed you will begin to feel healthier. Remember to move your furniture and sweep underneath them. Also, don’t forget to clean those hard to reach places like ceiling fans.


It can make you happy

Think about the satisfaction you feel once you finish cleaning something. Or think about that feeling when you walk into your home and it is spotless. During the cleaning process it can feel stressful and tiring but having a tidy home will make you happier. To make cleaning fun, play your favorite music.


Increases productivity

Decluttering your home and organizing your items will actually save you tons of time in the future because you will no longer be looking for those misplaced items. Experts say that this will make you more productive. Also, the cleaning process itself can increase your levels of energy.


You’ll begin to focus

Believe it or not, clutter in your home is also clutter in your head. When you declutter your home, you are actually freeing up some space in your brain. This results in more essential decision-making and makes it easier to focus on the important things. If you feel that you get overwhelmed when cleaning, try cleaning one room at a time to make sure you get the job done.



Reduces your stress

Your levels of stress can be dramatically reduced during the act of cleaning. Cleaning is seen to be therapeutic and can help clear your mind. Also, cleaning and organizing your space will allow you to enjoy it more which relieves stress.

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