Our Cars & Trucks category has always been our most popular category. Every day there are new listings of cars that are for sale ranging from new to used. We know that finding a car can be stressful. There are multiple steps that need to be taken in order to get the vehicle that you need.

  1. Set your budget
  2. Pick the model of the vehicle you are looking for based on your needs
  3. Look at all the vehicles that are for sale on Paper Shop
  4. Contact the seller
  5. Go for a test drive
  6. Close the deal

Sounds easier than it actually is, we understand. However, the chances of you finding the vehicle you are looking for on Paper Shop is high because there are over 500+ vehicles that are for sale by sellers in your surrounding neighborhood! That is more vehicles on our site for sale than in most used car dealerships lots! When you are shopping for a car through Paper Shop you get to meet all the amazing people in your community and connect with them. It is easier than going to a dealership because they won’t try to push the sale onto you. In addition, the prices of the vehicles are way lower on Paper Shop compared to a lot of other places you may look. On the plus side, some of our sellers may even be willing to negotiate the price with you.

Maybe you don’t mind getting your vehicle from a dealership, well you are in luck! I’m about to give you even more information that may blow your mind…ready? Ok! Paper Shop also has inventory from dealerships in the local area right on our website! That means that there are an additional 1100+ vehicles that are for sale from dealerships right on our site and ready to be seen by you! There is no need to open up 100 tabs on your phone or desktop to a bunch of different dealerships websites to compare prices. Paper Shop has done that all for you and it is easily accessible right from our Cars & Trucks category.

When you are on our website and you’re looking for vehicles that are for sale from private sellers make sure you remember to click the filtering option ‘Search by’ at the top and click ‘Personal’. When you filter by personal, it will remove all the listings that are from dealerships. If you are only looking for vehicles that are for sale from dealerships, click on the filtering option ‘Search by’ and then click on ‘Business’. This will remove all the private party listings and show only the inventory from dealerships. The site will automatically show you both private party and business when you first click on the Cars & Trucks category, so make sure to use that filtering option if you are looking for something in specific.

Paper Shop also makes it easy for you to find the exact car that you are looking for if you have made up your mind. At the top of the site, you will see a search bar. If you are looking for a Subaru, type Subaru in the search bar and hit ‘Search’. You will now only see listings of Subarus in the area. Try not to be too specific in your search because you may not find as many listings as you would if you kept the search term very broad.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-537-9377 or send an email to info@findnflip.com.

Good luck finding your vehicle! We are here to help!