Mid-summer is a very popular time to take a vacation. 59% of people actually take their vacation in the middle of July. If your scheduled vacation is approaching I can guarantee that you are excited! There is nothing better than getting away for a little bit to just enjoy your free time. However, the days leading up to your vacation can be very stressful for the following reasons: 1. You have to make sure your list of things to do is finalized. 2. You have to make sure you get all your work done at work so you aren’t scrambling to catch up when you come back. 3. (This is the most stressful one) You have to pack. Do not worry, it’ll get done! Maybe you like to pack in advance to worry less or maybe you like to wait until the last possible minute. Whichever you decide to do Paper Shop wants to help you out.

Here is a packing list that you can check off as you pack. (Make sure to print it out, that makes it a lot easier).

Print checklist: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/74bcd430-d719-4e1e-a2da-bbbe95bc8d68