Happy first day of Summer! ‘Tis the season of vacations, day trips, and adventures. It’s officially that time of year to cross off a few items on your bucket list. Whether you want to hit the open waters, camp out, go biking or fishing you are going to need the proper gear. Trying to buy all the items that you need for this one time trip can add up and be very costly. Luckily for you, there are a bunch of items for sale in Paper Shop that will get you what you need while saving a few bucks!



There is no better way to spend Summer than being in the water. You can do this either by canoeing, sailing, or even kayaking which are all great experiences. Renting seems to be a good idea at the time but if you end up doing this multiple times throughout the summer it’s ultimately a waste of money. It’s more cost-effective to buy yourself a personal canoe, sailboat, or kayak. When you purchase you now can go when you’d like without limiting yourself and you will also have it for years to come. See all the boats for sale!



This classic summer activity is always fun to do. Maybe you rough it up by staying in a tent, or maybe you like the comfort of staying inside a camper, no matter which you prefer, you need to make sure you have all the essentials.
First things first, if you decide to stay in a camper you have to make sure you have one! There are so many campers for sale on our site! The only hard part is choosing which one you like the most.
If you choose to camp out in a tent you are most likely going to need a sleeping bag to lay on like this one.
Does using the open woods as your personal bathroom freak you out? Here is your solution, a portable porta-potty!



Suns out, bikes out! Biking allows you to:
1. Transport yourself without spending money on gas.
2. Exercise
3. Be out in the sun
4. Be out in nature

There is no better time to break out that bike from your dusty garage than in the summer! Wait…you don’t have a bicycle? Good thing Paper Shop has your back! There are a number of sellers trying to sell their bikes right now! Find them all here.



When you go fishing you have the ability to relax on the water, get a tan, and if you have luck you might even catch a fish or two! In order to do those wonderful things, you are going to need a fishing boat. After you get yourself a fishing boat, buy yourself a fishing reel. It’s also important to have some bait to catch some fish! Now you are all ready to go out and fish. Good luck!


Enjoy this summer to the max and live it up! Summer is short but your adventures don’t have to be.