Halloween is a little over a week away which means there will be people in costumes, candy, trick-or-treaters, and decorations all over town. Halloween is honestly the best excuse to eat as much candy as you want! It is even better when you get to eat your kid’s candy that you told them they weren’t allowed to eat. However, in order to get your children’s candy, they have to go trick-or-treating! It is very important to take precautions with your children to keep them safe while they collect as much candy as possible.

Here are a few Trick-or-Treating safety tips for you to follow:

  1. Plan your route in advance

This is always a good game plan because this way you know exactly where your children are going and you aren’t wandering the streets trying to look for the next house’s door to knock on.

  1. Stay well lit

Put some reflective tape on the costumes of your kids to ensure that drivers will be able to see them. Make sure you have a flashlight handy too because you want have your path lit while you are walking the streets.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes

This is something that someone can easily look over, but, trust me you’ll thank me. There is nothing worse than your feet instantly hurt when the night just begun.

  1. Avoid props

Although props may complete the look of the costume, they can get annoying to hold. Your child may hold onto it for the first part of the night but they will be eventually handing them off to you for you to hold. However, if they must have a prop, make sure it is rubber or foam, this way no one will be accidentally injured.

  1. Walk Together

Always make sure that the children are near you at all times. If there is a big group, wait until everyone receives a piece of candy at a house before moving onto the next house.

  1. Cross the street safely

Have little children hold your hand as you walk and cross any streets. Use street corners and obey any traffic signals.

  1. Visit Houses with Porch Lights on

Do not knock on any doors that do not have their porch lights on. Most of the time, when they are off that means they do not want to be disturbed. It also abides by safety tip #2 to stay lit at all times.

  1. See clearly

If there are kids wearing any masks or things over their face, make sure that they are able to see out of it properly. Blocked vision may result in your child being injured.

  1. Do not enter homes

Tell all the children that they are no allowed to enter a home at any point of tick-or-treating.

  1. Check and then Double Check Candy

At the end of the night make sure you are going through all the collected candy! Each candy wrapper should be closer and in the original wrapping. Anything that has been opened throw it out! By doing this your keep you and your children safe.