On this day in 1896, Henry Ford did a test run. He took his invention, called the quadricycle, for a pre-dawn spin through the streets of Detroit. Of course, it was his intention that the new horseless carriage should remain relatively unnoticed.

But your horseless carriage? Let’s get it seen!

When you advertise your car, truck or motorcycle on a commission basis and you’re asking $2100 or more, we can publish a color photo if it. Best of all? It’s free to do!

You can get the photo to us when you place the ad or even add it after the ad has begun running: simply go to, choose “Change or Correct Ad” at the bottom of the page, and upload the pictures. You’re also welcome to mail the photos to us at PO Box 3176, Scranton, PA 18505 or even bring the vehicle to our office & we’ll take the picture.