Almost everyone would like a puppy, but do you know how to select a puppy that is right for you?  You should keep in mind the size of the dog compared to the living space available.  Dogs need plenty of room to run and exercise.  Dogs love company.  You shouldn’t leave it home alone for extended periods of time. They get lonely and bored and you may find your favorite item chewed to pieces when you return.  When you go on vacation will there be someone who can give the dog the love and care it desires and has been used to?  How will the other animals, and people too, in the home adjust to a new animal.  Cost may play a factor in the dog you choose as well.  Vet fees, food and accessories can be quite costly.

Whether choosing a purebred, mixed breed or choosing a dog from a shelter, try to find out as much information as possible.  What are the parents like? Has it been handled since it was born? How old is it? A puppy should not be taken from it’s mother too soon.  A minimum of 8 weeks so the mother has time to teach it properly.  Have the puppy’s health checked.

Buy from reputable breeders.  Avoid puppy mills at all costs.  These places are only concerned with making money.  The health and care for the dogs are not a high priority.  When a dog can no longer breed they are quick to kill the animal and move on to one that will breed.