Oh, sure. Joke about snipe hunting. Go ahead – we’ll wait (though we think you can tell by the disapproving glance of our friend pictured above that he’s a little tired of being considered as fictitious as the Tooth Fairy or Sasquatch).

While the hunt for the elusive snipe is something akin to a wild goose chase when it comes to pranks, we’d like you to know that there really is such a thing as a snipe. And, indeed, there is a hunting season for it. A season, by the way, that begins on Saturday, October 19th.

The snipe is a long-legged waterfowl that can be found pretty much worldwide. Some breeds are native to Pennsylvania. And the snipe is a notoriously difficult hunting target, even for seasoned hunters. In fact, it’s from this elusive bird that we get the word sniper, as it indicates a particularly skilled shooter.

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